König Ludwig I – Sehnsucht Pfalz

Extended until September 1, 2024


„Dich vergesse ich nicht, die du Aufenthalt warst meiner Kindheit, Pfalz!“


What does King Ludwig I have to do with the "y" in Speyer? Why did he build his summer residence in Edenkoben and what is the connection between the Bavarian king and the Palatinate?

The cultural-historical exhibition "König Ludwig I – Sehnsucht Pfalz" is dedicated to Ludwig's close relationship with the Palatinate, which was already formed in his childhood. Starting with his childhood and early youth in Mannheim and Rohrbach, the exhibition takes visitors on a tour of the region, which had belonged to Bavaria since 1816.


Alongside works of art from the 18th and 19th centuries, excerpts from Ludwig's self-penned poems and contemporary correspondence offer a very private insight into the monarch's life.

Media installations round off the range and offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in Ludwig I's reign.


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incl. collections and "Cross and Crown" 


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Groups of 10 or more people can book guided tours through the exhibition. Click here for more information.

The Historische Museum der Pfalz would like to thank the following partners, patrons & sponsors for their support in the production and promotion of the special exhibition "König Ludwig I – Sehnsucht Pfalz":