Universal accessibility

Before visiting the museum

The Historical Museum of the Palatinate has been rated universally accessible in keeping with the criteria of German certification and is entitled to label itself “certified universal accessible”.

See the universal accessibility database of the rheinland-pfälzische Gastlandschaften for detailed information on the Historical Museum of the Palatinate’s universal accessibility as well as pictures of the doors, elevators, exhibition galleries, restrooms, etc.



Using mass transit

Take the train to Speyer Central Train Station and then the low-floor bus number 564, 565 or 568 to Domplatz/Speyer (stops are displayed and announced) where the Historical Museum of the Palatinate is located.


Three lots with handicapped parking are located direct next to the museum on Grosse Pfaffengasse.

You can also park in the large Festplatz/Speyer parking lot (200m to the museum) and take the low-floor bus from there to Domplatz/Speyer. Since it is made of packed sand, the Festplatz parking lot may be difficult to navigate for wheelchairs and strollers after storms. In this event, use the parking lot on Grosse Pfaffengasse instead.

In the museum

Museum entrance

When you are standing in front of the museum the stepless entrance is located on the left side of the building. Signs show the way. Ring the bell at the side entrance, and our staff will open the door and direct you to the admissions desk and exhibition galleries.

Exhibition galleries

Every exhibition gallery except one is stepless. The exception is the final room in the left wing of the Wine Museum, which cannot be remodeled because it is cultural heritage. We apologize for any inconvenience.

You will normally start your visit with the “Early Modern Era” exhibition on the top floor. As soon as you come to the stairs, turn around and take the elevator half a floor down. This will enable you to enter the second part of the museum.

Correspondingly labeled sections of the museum may be entered with service dogs or seizure response dogs. Please inform our service office of your visit in advance by calling (06232) 62 02 22.

Service information

You can borrow wheelchairs, folding stools and strollers from us. 
We a have two wheelchair accessible restrooms in the museum: one on the ground floor near the lockers and a second in the basement near the “Roman Era” and “Cathedral Treasury” exhibitions.

Should you have any questions or wishes, simply contact our staff, all of whom are happy to help, by calling +0049 (0)6232-62 02 22.