Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss & andere Figuren von Ingo Siegner

October 27, 2024 – June 22, 2025

The author and illustrator Ingo Siegner invented the stories of the little dragon Coconut around 1999, who quickly became one of the most popular children's book characters in the world. As always in the family exhibitions at the Historical Museum of the Palatinate, the exhibition planned from autumn 2024 will be all about touching, trying things out and joining in. Numerous play stations will be embedded in the imaginative design of the coconut illustrations. In addition to the coconut stories, the exhibition will also introduce Ingo Siegner as an author and artist and focus on other children's books by him.


Caesar & Kleopatra

Opening: April 13, 2025

In spring 2025, our major cultural and historical special exhibition will take you back to a time of decline and rise, telling of change and stability, of hope and catastrophe. Caesar and Cleopatra, probably the most famous lovers of antiquity, form the starting point for a story about the dramatic epoch of the fall of the Roman Republic, the end of the Ptolemaic Empire and the rise of the first Roman Emperor Augustus. Based on historical facts, archaeological finds, classical works of art and the latest reconstructions, the exhibition not only tells the moving life stories of Cleopatra VII and Caius Julius Caesar, but is also dedicated to the political, social and cultural changes of this decisive era. High-calibre objects and works of art from renowned European museums offer fascinating insights and take you on an exciting journey into the past.