Current Exhibitions

König Ludwig I. – Sehnsucht Pfalz

Extended until September 1, 2024

From September 17, 2023, we are showing the exhibition "König Ludwig I. – Sehnsucht Pfalz". Ludwig left numerous traces in the Palatinate : The "y" in "Speyer" and the Villa Ludwigshöhe are just two examples.

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50 Jahre Spielgeschichte(n)

1.10.2023 - 15.9.2024

The cult toy PLAYMOBIL celebrates a very special birthday and thus gives the occasion for a unique family exhibition around the worldwide popular play figures: Since October 1, 2023, the interactive show "We Love PLAYMOBIL. 50 Jahre Spielgeschichte(n)", which was created in cooperation with PLAYMOBIL diorama artist Oliver Schaffer, has opened its doors.

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