Roman Era


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Military Life

The first Romans to arrive in the Palatinate were soldiers.

Around 12 B.C., they occupied the territory, built roads, erected camps and introduced Roman governance in the new province of Germania Superior. Merchants and tradespeople accompanied them. They left behind numerous objects from their everyday life, which are now on display in the “Roman Era” collection. These include the tableware known as “terra sigillata”, which was made in Rheinzabern and reached Britain and the Black Sea over distant trade routes.

Germanic Tribes’ Raiding Expeditions

Cut-up silver tableware, silver votive tablets, bronze vessels and weapons: The hoard unearthed in Hagenbach is illustrative of Germanic tribes’ raiding expeditions in Roman provinces. It contains valuable Roman era finds recovered from the bed of the Rhine River.

Master of His Craft

Head of a centaur

The penetrating gaze and masterly craftsmanship make the cast bronze head of a centaur a unique find. It dates to the era of Emperor Augustus and was presumably part of a statuette. It was later reworked and given a hook, the head being used as a weight on a steelyard balance.