The Physician

A cultural history Exhibition 

December 8, 2019 to June 21, 2020

Rob Cole, the main character of the renowned novel „The Physician“, grows up in a world of barbers and quacksalvers.

Striving to heal the sick and to gather knowledge, his journey leads him away from Europe to the Orient, where he receives insights into ancient medical practices by Arabic scholars. The movie adaptation of the captivating story received widespread acclaim and was seen by millions. In reference to this riveting story the Historical museum of the Palatinate presents a special exhibition on the history of medicine. Starting on December 8th 2019 the exhibition will provide insights into the complex and fascinating developments in the medical field. Ranging from ancient times to the present, the exhibition explains how ancient knowledge reached the Arabic world and returned back to Europe in the 11th century, where it met with the medical practices of the monasteries.

The visitors encounter medieval healers and doctors of modern times. They learn about the old medical practices of the ancient world and receive a glimpse of the scientific research of the future.

Following the footsteps of the “Physician” the exhibition takes the visitors on a journey through medical knowledge of various times and cultures by compiling an assortment of exhibits of diverse backgrounds and for the first time presenting these in the context of an exhibition.