The gruffelo -  the exhibition

DECEMBER 22nd 2019 TO June 14th 2020

Experience the world of the Grufallo - the terrible monster with orange eyes, purple prickels over his back and dangerous teeth - who lives deep inside the forest and is outsmartet by the clever, little mouse. The exhibition recaptures the popular children's book that was written by Julia Doanldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

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the physician

December 8th 2019 TO June 21st 2020

In reference to the riveting Bestseller "The Physician" the Historical Museum of the Palatinate presents a special exhibition on the history of medicine. It follows Robe Cole, the protagonist of the book, on his quest to gather Knowledge on the medical fields. Ranging from ancient times to the present, the exhibition explains how ancient knowledge reached the Arabic world and returned back to Europe in the 11th century.

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