Information about visiting the museum


Please note the following information.



  • Pictures may be taken in our collections – without a flash or tripod –for personal use. The “Cathedral Treasury” is excepted from this rule. We cannot allow the taking of pictures for conservation and legal reasons.
  • Read the information about taking pictures in our special exhibitions under the menu item "special exhibitions" on the pages about the respective exhibitions. Since the objects on display frequently require special protection, distinct rules apply to each exhibition. If you are uncertain, contact the Historical Museum of the Palatinate’s Media and Public Relations Department before your visit.
  • Pictures may be taken for commercial and scholarly purposes only with written permission from the Historical Museum of the Palatinate’s Media and Public Relations Department.
  • The publication of photographs on the Internet and in social media does not constitute personal use and may constitute copyright infringement.

Additional Information

  • Do not take any bulky or wet items, such as umbrellas, rainwear, backpacks and bags larger than DIN A 4 (approx. 20 x 30 cm), with you into the exhibition galleries. You can store such items in a locker or the coatroom. If you are uncertain, ask our service staff.
  • For reasons of conservation and safety, strollers and baby slings are available to visitors as substitutes for their own strollers.
  • Do not take any beverages or food with you into the exhibition area. Ask our service staff about our picknick area where you can eat food you have brought with you.