Cathedral Treasury


Please note that the Cathedral Treasury and the Prehistory, Roman Era and Modern Era collection are temporarily closed because of upcoming remodeling and renovation.


Finds from Imperial Tombs and the Cathedral Treasury

The funerary crowns of the Salian emperors, Henry III’s imperial orb and Henry IV’s gold ring are among the unique objects from the imperial and royal tombs in Speyer Cathedral where a total of eight emperors and kings and three empresses were interred. Their graves were opened and studied in 1900. The grave goods found in the process are the centerpiece of the “Cathedral Treasury” collection.

Liturgical Ware

The most valuable objects from the cathedral treasury on display were and still are used for worship services. These include the so-called Lehrbach Chalice, which made its way to Speyer Cathedral as a gift from Count Damian Hugo Philipp of Lehrbach. This golden chalice is set with rock crystal, rubies, diamonds, emeralds and amethysts and decorated with six mother of pearl reliefs showing scenes from the Old Testament.

The Cathedral

The eventful history of the city of Speyer and the entire region is reflected in the nearly 1000 year history of the construction of Speyer Cathedral. A virtual reconstruction will transport you into the past and presents the history of the cathedral’s construction on three large screens connected in parallel.